Our Story

Cozy Furniture LLP is established in 2015, our goal is to source and provide furniture that we will actually buy and use. Our collection of sofa and sofa bed aims to be affordable, functional, good quality and targeted to a modern interior design . We hope you will like our collection of sofa and sofa bed, we are continuously sourcing and expanding our collection. 

Our Strengths

Value For Money

We source our products directly from the factories, as such, we cut out the middlemen in the process

Rental costs in Singapore is notoriously high, as we do not have a showroom, the savings goes directly into our consumers' hand.

Refund & Return Policy

As we are a online eCommerce platform, we practice a strong return and refund policy such as "on the spot return" policy when the sofa is delivered to your home and 30 days return policy.

Design & Quality

Our collection of sofa and sofa bed are carefully chosen to reflect a modernized design. Many of these designs is an "upgrade" of various tried and test designs that many clients are already familiar with, but we have updated the fabrics to include more brightly colored fabrics to suit younger generations.



The firm is 100% locally owned and the family has a long history with furniture manufacturing and retail business. The owners are very hands-on and can be reach by +65 9170 8403 or +65 8426 2613.

Our Factories

Our suppliers have proven track record of design excellence and quality assurance, they are also supplying their products to Korea, Japan, South East Asia, Europe and USA. Many of these suppliers have previous experience in supplying their products to IKEA, Walmart and Costco etc, 

Our Delivery Team

Our delivery team stand ready to deliver our sofa and sofa bed to your home within 3-5 working dates from the date when order is placed unless otherwise stated.